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Product Data


Manage Data

Before launching the MMPD interface, you may want to review or even download data directly from the Manage Data tab.  The primary interface for the Manage Data tab has five buttons along the top:  My Data, D-Tools Data, Sync Data, Manage Data, and Learn More.


My Data

This interface allows you to review the products in your SI5.5 database.  You can choose how to view your data and choose what type of chart displays by using the dropdown filters and radio button options.


D-Tools Data


This interface allows you to search the D-Tools product database and is the place to check for any recent updates.  The “Download in MMPD” link opens the MMPD interface. For any given product you can right-click to view the following:


Manufacturer Product Preview

This opens an IE window to display the URL in the product’s Hyperlink field

D-Tools Product Preview

This opens an IE window to displays the properties of the product as they stand in the D-Tools database

View in Google Product Search

This opens an IE window to a Google product search for the product

View Extended Data

This will show what additional data is downloadable for a product.  Generally these are images, brochures, user guides, etc.  You must be participating in Data Subscription to actually download these.

Sync Data

For full information see LANSync

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