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Product Explorer

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Product Explorer

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This interface allows you to view both the Products and Packages in your database.  To open a Product or Package from the Product Explorer interface, double-click on the Model number or Package Name in the tree on the left-hand side of the interface 1-S.  You can expand the [+] symbols to view your data:



Each Product or Package that you have open will display on its own tab on the right-hand side of the screen 2-S

There are buttons 3-S along the top that allow you to add, edit, copy and delete any Product or Package from your database.  You also have the option to change the Hierarchy of how your Products display as well as Filter your Products to narrow down your search.



PDM Add Product-Package.... Add a new Product or Package to your database.  Use the arrow to add a Package.


PDM Edit Selected Product - Package...... Edit an existing Product

MMPD Copy Product...... Copy an existing Product

PDM Delete Products - Packages...... Delete an existing Product

ProdExp Manage Your Product Explorer...... Manage your Product Explorer – use to determine the hierarchy in which your Products display

PDM Filter...... Filter your Product Explorer – use to narrow down what you are looking for

File:Si5Wiki/SI5/05Product_Data/2MMPD/2Product_Explorer/search_products1.jpg......Allows you to search your Master Table for products.  The default search fields are: Manufacturer, Category, Model, Type, Product Description, and Phase.  If you want to narrow your search to a single field you can do so by right-clicking in the Search window.



PDM Refresh Groups...... Refresh your Product Explorer

Example: You want to display only the Speakers that are in your database and you want them to display by Type->Manufacturer->Model. 

Click the PDM Filter button.  The Filter Product Selection Tree form will open:


Click the Category tab, click the Speakers checkbox and then click [OK].  Notice that your selected Filter options display in the “Filter:” section of the form.


Click the ProdExp Manage Your Product Explorer button.  The Manage your Product Explorer form will open.


Use the dropdowns to select the following configuration then click [OK].


Click the [+] next to Products and the interface will only show Speakers and the first level of the hierarchy is Type.  Click the [+] next to any Type to see the next level (in this example, the next level is “Manufacturer”).




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