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Guide to Using SI and ChatGPT


Using ChatGPT and D-Tools

This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies. It contains examples of how GPT can be used in conjunction with D-Tools, such as using GPT to generate the scope of work or create a suggestion for the bill of materials. It also includes tips and best practices for using GPT and D-Tools together effectively. The guide would be aimed at users who are familiar with using GPT and D-Tools separately, and are looking for ways to leverage the strengths of both technologies to improve their data management and analysis workflow.


Yes, the above was written by ChatGPT :)



  • Research for products recommendations (based on the project scope criteria) to build your Bill of Materials
  • Write Scope of Work, Systems, and Locations Description
  • Define writing style to specific formats, i.e. Formal, Professional, Casual, Military, "as a poem", etc when creating any text.
  • Translation to different languages



  • When making a request, the user should be precise as possible. 
  • Some corrections may be needed. Consider the answer from ChatGPT as a starting point.
  • ChatGPT is currently a free, experimental product. It may not be available at all times and it will eventually change to a paid version.
  • There is no current option for seamless integration. All requests must be either typed or copied/pasted.


Typical use-cases

  • What are the best short-throw projectors for commercial usage, to be installed in a small conference room, for under $5,000?
  • Write a system description for a family room surround sound system with an 85" LED TV, sound bar, bookshelf speakers for the left and right channel and in-ceiling speakers for the rear channel.

  • Professional scope of work for a surveillance system project, with cameras located in the front entrance, back entrance, perimeter of the building and parking lot. Use professional language


It can also be used for general questions about D-Tools, including

  • Explain the difference between packages and solutions in D-Tools V19?
  • How to import a d-tools custom report?



Real-World Example

Used to create a Scope of Work based on the existing Bill of Materials

1- Open the project, click on Tools Tab  > CSV > Export

2- Select the Quantity, MFG, Model, and Category

3- Export to Excel

4- Open ChatGPT and type " write a scope of work for a new pedestrian gate for these items: " (don't press [generate response] yet)

5- Copy the table from Excel, and paste in ChatGPT after the text, as shown in the example below:




Here is the response:



Notice that ChatGPT will aggregate quantities and write a specific scope of work.

6- Copy and paste the response in the Scope of Work section.

7- You can change to RTF file and format the response as needed.





Sample responses from the examples:














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