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Product Properties

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Product Properties


Before we get into the mechanics of creating and editing Products, let’s explore the characteristics of D-Tools data.  Each record in your database is referred to as a Product.  There are three required fields for a product: Manufacturer, Model, and Category. There are four Types of Products in your database as determined by the Category Type: “Equipment”, “Labor”, “Speakers”, and “Wire” (see Categories for details on Category Type).  Each Product has many editable fields that you can utilize to meet your particular business requirements.  The Category Type determines what the available fields for that particular Product are.  For example, there are no Height, Width, and Depth fields for “Wire” Type Products(instead there are Diameter and Length fields).

This is an example of the Product Properties form for a Product in SI5.


There are functionality buttons along the bottom of the screen:



Opens an online form for reporting errors that you find in data that you downloaded from D-Tools, Inc.

[Extended Data]

This opens a link to a D-Tools server that hosts additional downloads for the Product.  These additional downloads may be brochures, manuals, and/or images.  Not every Product has Extended Data associated with it.  All user’s have access to the Extended Data for Manufacturer’s Vantage Point (MVP) data.  Client’s who have enrolled in our Data Subscription program will have access to Extended Data for non-Partner data as well.

[Format Active Field]

This option allows you apply one of the following formatting options to any field that is in focus i.e. the field with the cursor: ALL CAPS, Sentence case, or Title Case.  There are four fields that this option may not work for: Category, Manufacturer, Model, and Description.  This is because these fields have a global setting that may override the selection you make on an individual Product.  These global settings are under the Administration tab in the MMPD interface.  See Formatting.


Saves changes made to the Product


Does not save the changes made to a Product and closes the tab.


There are three main areas on this form: Product Details, Image, and the Tabs

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