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Si5.5 SP2 Release Notes


SP2 has been release to new Trial Download customers starting March 17th, 2010. SP2 will be available to existing customers via automatic updates starting in Mid-April (target date: April 15).  SP2 includes over 20 new features and usability enhancements as well as numerous bug fixes.


Here are instructions for updating to SP2.

Better Scalability for large number of projects and clients

  • Projects are shown in paginated  sets of 50
  • Clients and Contacts are paginated and filterable with “A – Z” filters

Free form text search

  • Projects grid
  • Clients grid

  • Contacts grid

  • Project Data Matrix (PDM)

  • Product Explorer




Installation Improvements


    Product Shared folder is removed. No shared folders are required on server.



  • Windows Firewall exceptions are created by installer


    New Express Install to  install  client and server components in single install

  • Server Configuration Wizard – option to do Express and Custom Server Configuration

Navigator Improvements

  • Online context sensitive help
  • Products can be synced when Navigator starts

  • Improved Start and Data pages to provide easy access to common tasks

  • Price Type can be selected when creating a new project

  • Report a Bug from Navigator

  • Crash reports are tracked in our CRM system for better response

Projects and MMPD Improvements

  • Cut and Paste shapes in Visio and AutoCAD can optionally be treated as the same product (and not as new products)
  • Location and Zone Lists can be alpha sorted in Navigator

  • Product Filter has “Select All” and “Deselect All” buttons

  • Link to Google Product Search from any product UI

  • Images and Text can be drag and dropped from files or web pages to the product dialog

  • IO Studio – Auto Increment can work with a blank label

 Admin Console Improvements

  • Group Management UI improved
  • Username and Password can persist

  • Common user list for Navigator and Admin Console

  • Email users login and download information for the client application

Reporting Schema Improvements

  • Split Manufacturer and Model in the Wire Connection data source
  • Add QB PO number to business manager data source

New Reporting option(s)

  • Brother wire labels can display connected wires or all wires

  • Option to split OFE and non OFE items in Proposal reports

  • Enable Shapes in RTF Export – allows users to export RTF data as shapes or as running text


Support for QuickBooks Canada 2010 (including Enterprise Edition).  

5.5 SP2 Bug Fixes

5498 – Revision Management reports can displays Misc Costs incorrectly
6092 – Install Price report does not include accessory price if the "Show Packages in proposals" option is disabled
6114 – Rack connections should not display Wire Audit prompt
6129 – Saving a project status with a space crashes Navigator
6148 - Deleting a custom report which is part of a report group crashes Navigator
6301 – Excel reports fail in non US settings
6192 - Don't prompt user to update master table when user has no "Add/Edit Data" permission
6189 – Admin Console backup crashed when SQL Server was a SQL Server 2008 instance
6196 - Assigning a resource with special character to a task crashes Navigator
6197 - AutoCAD: Change Block should not change layer for child entities in block
6202 - Revision Management in Orders and Accounting shows + icon for a product with has no accessories
6204 - AutoCAD: DYNMODE variable setting is lost when adding D-Tools blocks
6208 - Typical install should always install QuickLinks
6442 - Deleting and adding same drawing file with same name can cause an SQL index exception
6443 - Insert System can duplicate locations on proposal reports
6450 - Sales Order grid does not refresh correctly when sales order edited from O&A Start Page
6452 - Address and Phone numbers don't import from Outlook when marked as "Home", must be marked as "Business"
6456 - Sales Order disappears from Orders and Accounting start page if sales order opened and closed without saving changes
6457 - Navigator crashes when trying to create a duplicate location with a leading space
6325 - QuickLinks Misc Parts field rounding can be incorrect
6327 - Estimate with zero price values makes QTY as negative in Quickbooks
6329 - Deleted products and packages do not sync after a Copy Up To Server
6311 - Project gets corrupt when invalid XML characters are pasted into product descriptions
6357 - Re-registering an Estimator license requires you close and reopen form
6359 - SI4 dtl with blank project guid will not import
6215 - Get Latest for projects is not working
6216 - Navigator crashed while trying to add duplicate staff with a leading space
6223 - OrderTools does not aggregate quantities for similar products
6250 - Add Product form should not select a product when you first click in the Products section of the form
6251 - Add Product form should not select products when using Page Down in the Products section
6261 - OFE and Taxable columns do not update as expected in the PDM in Visio interface
6277 - QuickLinks displays tax rate rounded incorrectly
6299 - Products unchecked when adding a package re-check themselves after adding a product to the package
6300 - When adding accessories to products in a package PDM display affected
6475 - OrderTools PO Report does not show Company Name from Setup tab
6477 - Zone Order and Phase Order not correctly set on BOM Items when creating a Delta
6486 - OFE does not duplicate when you duplicate products
6495 - Labor Products export as 0 value to QuickLinks
6498 - Custom Property Names do show up in correct order in reports
6510 - Canadian taxes do not calculate if Canada tax code entered in incorrect case
6513 – MS-Project export should give an appropriate message for trial MS-Project users
6525 - Error checking out a project (that shouldn't even be shown as checked in) after being logged off by admin
6526 - Report Designer - rename "List this report in the Business Manager" as "List as a Revision Management report"
6532 - Wire quantity can print incorrectly as accessories in proposal reports
6534 - Improve memory usage in reports for large projects
6537 - Wire Wizard prompts for wires when it shouldn't when selecting "Select New Wire"
6179 - Generic.vss missing the Line Image shape
6188 - Changing Headend on PDM does not update Visio shape
6146 - Not able to select/unselect reports if we try to edit report category through report tree short cut menu
6122 - Estimator: Move, Rename and Delete project commands should be disabled for an archived project
5956 - Creating a duplicate product gives two warning messages
5990 - Insert System allows you to insert drawings pages without inserting products and packages
6021 - Duplicate Categories show up in category dropdown in product dialog
5162 - Project end date shows 1/1/0001 when end date not set
5633 - Do not display unused Admin console permissions
5655 - Resources added to a new resource type disappear
5657 - Resource conflict dialog does not show date in correct date format
5819 - Using a colon followed by a space in Model numbers causes issues when trying to transfer to QuickBooks
5928 - Adding a period as the first character in a Product Descriptions causes the characters @_@_@ to appear
5939 - Missing the "This item is purchased for and sold to a specific Customer:Job" option when exporting service order to QuickLinks
6038 - Create a new package with all products in a package does not delete original package
6049 - Visio Export to HTML crashes if export folder does not exist
6056 - QuickLinks crashes when trying to push over a Service Order if Other Item products have a null price.
6062 - Error importing client with special characters from QuickBooks
6082 - Deleting Parent Locations in Navigator can create orphan child locations in the DTL file
6087 - Denying the Add/Edit Data permission does not allow Client to be added via the New Project Wizard
5661 - Resource schedule report shows incorrect estimated hours and remaining hours when > 1 resources
6027 - "Show HeadEnd Dialog for Wire" setting is not editable on phases in Projects
6466 - AutoCAD drawings opened first time in a running instance of AutoCAD with different D-Tools project open does

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