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Scheduling Tab

The Scheduling tab consists of a Project Schedule and Resources Calendar to manage your projects.


Before proceeding, definitions are needed:

Project Schedule - where users can create, schedule, and assign Tasks and Work Orders.  The Project Schedule displays as a Gantt chart

Task – the basic unit of work to be performed for a project. They have a start date, finish date, estimated time, actual time, associated equipment and/or labor items, and assigned resources. Tasks are also a communication tool since they allow a project manager to tell a resource that they need to do something. This communication either happens inside of SI 5 (the resource looks up all tasks assigned to him), or via Outlook (tasks are pushed to Outlook, where they appear on the users calendar or task list).

Summary Task – a grouping of individual Tasks and Work Orders that can be used to help organize and plan your Gantt chart

Work Orders - a collection of one or more Tasks, which can be tied to a Sales Order for the purpose of using actual labor for billing. The primary purpose of a Work Order is to group a number of related Tasks for communication and reporting purposes.

Service Orders – are billable objects that contain labor and equipment items. They are very similar to tasks in that they can be scheduled and appear on the resource schedule; however, they are different in these important ways:

  • Service orders are associated to clients, not projects
  • They can be associated to a project but do not have to be
  • Service orders do not appear on the project schedule
  • They appear on the resource schedule only
  • Items on service orders can be entered manually or pulled from the catalog. Items on tasks must come from a project
  • Items on a service order can either be warranty (included free) or non-warranty (billable)
  • Service orders can be exported to QuickBooks as an invoice and/or purchase order, just like sales orders

Resource – something that can only be doing one thing at a time.  Generally a resource is a person that is assigned a specific thing to do.  You can manage resources either via the Resource Calendar tab or via the Work Orders tab. 

Resource Calendar – this is where it all scheduling data comes together.  It allows project managers to see when Tasks and Service Orders can be scheduled based on the availability of resources.

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