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Clients and Contacts

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Clients and Contacts

The Clients and Contacts Interface allows you to:

  • Add/Edit/Delete a Client
  • Import and Client from Outlook
  • Import Client from QuickBooks
  • Export Client to QuickBooks
  • Create a new Project for a Client
  • Add/Edit/Delete a Contact
  • Import Contacts from Outlook
  • Export a Contact to Outlook
  • Create Client from Contacts
  • Manage Clients and Contacts



The Clients and Contacts button in the Navigator opens the interface for adding/editing/deleting Clients and Contacts within SI 5.  A Client is considered an entity like a business or a company and Contacts are individuals.  Clients and Contacts are only available for edit when you are connected to the SI5.5 Server.

You can search for Clients and Contacts via the search bar or you can filter down using the alphanumeric buttons on the right side of the interface:


If you have more than one hundred records returned for any search, pagination controls will appear at the bottom of the interface:


There are two tabs along the top of the interface: Clients and Contacts. 


The left side of the screen contains a Navigation Bar with functions that vary depending on which tab you have selected and whether or not you have a Client or Contact Selected in your list.






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