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Working with Contacts

Adding/Editing/Deleting a Contact

Make sure that you have the Contacts tab selected:


The interface is similar to the Clients interface.  You can move columns around, click the Field Chooser button to change what displays, and filter most columns:



The functions for Contacts are similar to those of Clients as well:


When you click the New Contact link the Navigation bar, the following form opens:


A Contact Group is required and you can modify your list using the File:Clients_and_Contacts/Working_with_Contacts/image006.png button.  The File:Clients_and_Contacts/Working_with_Contacts/image007.png button will launch IE in its own window and display Google Maps for the address.

Import Contact(s) from Outlook

This form is similar to the one for importing Clients but you may import more than one Contact from Outlook:


Export Contact to Outlook

This function will open a Contact entry in Outlook.  You must choose to Save in Outlook or the transfer is not complete.


Create Client from Contact(s)

This function opens up the Add New Client form with the Contact tab already filled in.  Fill out the rest of the form then click [Save].

Send an E-Mail

You must have Outlook 2007 installed for this function.  This will open up a new Outlook email addressed to the Contact.

Create an Appointment

You must have Outlook 2007 installed for this function.  This will open up a new Outlook Appointment addressed to the Contact.

Manage Contact Groups

This is another way to manage your Contact Groups:






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