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SecureConnect 2.0

Advanced Data and Communication Services for MVP members.

SecureConnect™ 2.0 is D-Tools’ next generation of powerful dealer to manufacturer data and communication services designed to streamline data updates and facilitate direct communication between manufacturer MVPs and D-Tools users. Secure Connect 2.0 streamlines the MVP data gathering and updating process through an online portal and helps make direct connections possible between manufacturers and custom integration companies who would like more information on working closer together. SecureConnect creates a direct link between manufacturers and a targeted group of highly qualified potential dealers who need information such as pricing updates, becoming an authorized dealer, and other business-related issues.

SecureConnect 2.0 facilitates communication through a secure, web-based portal for our manufacturer partners. Requests from D-Tools users will be delivered directly to the manufacturer, and direct contact can then be made through an encrypted email – creating a secure channel for pricing updates, special offers, etc. These updates can then be downloaded directly into users’ local D-Tools database – saving hours of time and reducing potential errors when specifying products into their quotes.

SecureConnect 2.0 provides D-Tools MVP manufacturers and users with a comprehensive toolset for managing data and secure communications with D-Tools users – saving time, reducing errors and promoting brand loyalty and future revenue growth.

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