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Description Information

Textual descriptions of the specific product. 


Short Description

Free form text, mandatory.  Can also be thought of as the ordering description.  Should be a simple, single sentence that describes the product like "6 channel power amplifier".  Try and be as generic as possible, don't load up the short description with hyperbole like "worlds finest or critics agree or top of the line", save that for the long description and features.

Long Description

Free form text.  Ideally should be a sentence or two but can be a paragraph extolling the virtues of the product in a more descriptive manner.

End User Description

Free form text.  Can be a paragraph or two explaining the benefits of this product in non-technical language that the reseller could use in their proposals to end users.

Product Notes

Free form text.  Add any notes, options, installation tricks, links here.


Free form text.  Add bullet list features here.  Can be cut and pasted from a web site



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