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Published Status

The Published Status section lets the user know the status of the published pages on the D-Tools public Data Library.


Published URL

Read only, URL. This is the URL of the specific model in the D-Tools Data Library.  When we run a data update request we will automatically add the link to this field.

Published Status

Read only, picklist.  This will be automatically set to "Published, "Not Published" or "Removed".  This will give the user a quick view as to what is published, not published yet or removed. 

Publish Record?

Yes or No Checkbox.  The Publish Record field allows the user to check yes or no if they want this specific record to be published to the Data Library.  If checked then we will automatically publish within 24 hours.  If not checked then it will be not published. 

Remove Record?

Yes or No Checkbox.  Checking Yes will remove the specific record from the Data Library and we will update the Published Status with "Removed".  Please note that checking this option will not remove the record from the database it just un-publishes from the data library.  To delete a record just press the red Delete button on the upper right side of the record screen.


Read only.  The Handler is the name of the person or company that "Owns" the specific record. 

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