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Overview - SecureConnect

Quick guide on how to use SecureConnect.

  1. Point your browser here: http://secureconnect.d-tools.com/
  2. Login with your user name and password that we gave you.  This will take you to the home page of SecureConnect.  If your forgot your password email adams(at)d-tools.com or timb(at)d-tools.com and we will get you a new one.

  3. Most of your time spent in the app will be in the Inventory/Products section.
  4. Click on Products

  5. This will take you to the "All" filter, which for some reason only shows the Model, working on a fix for that one.  Anyway at this point you can choose a new filter to display or create your own filter.  A filter is a very useful way to manage large quantities of items at once.  More info about creating views and filters.
  6. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/SecureConnect_2.0/00Overview_-_SecureConnect/sc2.jpg

  7. When in the filter mode you can easily change the number of records you want to see by using the Total drop down.  Click the Total button to see the total number of records in the specific filter, navigate from page to page and sort on any column by clicking on it.  See navigation for more information.
  8. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/SecureConnect_2.0/00Overview_-_SecureConnect/sc3.jpg

  9. The Mass Edit function is very handy for updating a lot of records at once.  To use select the view of the products you want to edit, select one or more records by the check box next to the record.  The top most check box next to the header will select all the records in the view.  Select the Mass Edit button and you can choose the information you want to update.  See Mass Edit for more detailed information.
  10. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/SecureConnect_2.0/00Overview_-_SecureConnect/sc5.jpg

  11. To add a new item to the database click the big, green plus sign to open a new record form.  See Adding and Editing for more information
  12. To search for specific products click the magnifying glass.  See Searching for more information.
  13. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/SecureConnect_2.0/00Overview_-_SecureConnect/sc15.jpg

  14. To edit/view a specific record just click on the model number and the record will open.  For a list of the different fields and what can be edited see Field Descriptors.  See adding and editing for more information.
  15. The user can also import and export product data from this screen.  See Import and Export for more information
  16. You can also run reports on your product data.  We have the ability to "push" customized reports to the report section of SecureConnect or you can create and save your own reports that only you can see.  To get to the Reports Section click on the Analytics tab, select Reports and go to the Product Reports section to select a canned report.  See SecureConnect Reports for more information.
  17. File:Si5Wiki/SI5/SecureConnect_2.0/00Overview_-_SecureConnect/sca1.jpg


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