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Product Information

The Product Information section displays general information about the product. (duh)



Text field, mandatory.  This is the manufacturer name.  Should be the short or DBA version.  For example use "Sony"  not "Sony International".


Checkbox, Yes/No.  If the product is discontinued check the box, display will change to "Yes".


Text field, mandatory.  This is the common name of the product at both the dealer end user level that will show up in end user proposals.  NOT to be confused with the SKU number.


Text field.  SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. 

DT Category

Pick list, mandatory.  This is the D-Tools Category that we use to ID your specific component.  Choose from the list the category that is the best match for the specific piece of equipment.

DT Type

Pick list based on the Category field choice.  The DT Type (Sub-Category) is used to refine the category choice and make it easier for the user to find relevant products.  Choose the best Type based for the specific equipment.


Multi select pick list field.  Choose one or more (Ctrl + Click) industries that the equipment is most compatible with.

Modified Time

System field.  Automatically logs when the product was modified.

Created Time

System field.  Automatically logs when the product was created

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