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SI5.5 SP3 Release Notes



Created Date and Modified Date added to Projects Grid

 You can adjust what columns display by clicking the Field Chooser button:

created and modified.jpg

Grid sort on Projects Grid and Reports Grid works across pages

Prior to SP3, sorting the Project Grid only worked on a per page basis

Projects grid has option to set number of projects to display in each page

The default is 50 projects per page but can be set to 5, 10, 50, 100, or 250.


Project revisions have description and date created fields

When creating a Revision of a project, there is now a 500 character field for notes. The date and time stamp is automatic.  These notes are viewable in the Revisions list on the "Selected Project Details" tab as well as in the Revision Management interface.


Login has option to “Remember user and password”

 Previously, SI5 remembered the username and password automatically. This option was added for clients with security concerns.


Data Request and Online Data Library links added to data group

 The Online Data Library and Make a Data Request links open in a browser and are shortcuts to pages on our website. The SecureConnect 2.0 link will open a portal for viewing the latest updates from manufacturers.


Refresh Projects syncs local projects with server projects


Reports Grid – persists settings, loads faster and has option to turn off Scope of work.

Columns and grouping on the Reports tab will now persist vs. resetting each time you open SI5. Improvements have been made to load the grid faster on the Projects sub-tab. You can now turn off the Scope of Work from displaying in the Projects sub-tab via a Global Reports Setting.

display scope of work.jpg

New built-in report “Proposal (Equipment and Labor)” shows equipment and labor price side by side in proposal report.

new report with equipment and labor.jpg

Change Order Reports show added, modified and deleted items separately with appropriate quantities

The new methodology is as such:

Change Order reports will list Additional, Deleted, and Adjusted products on separate lines (we won't aggregate them)
  • Added products will show a positive quantity with positive price
  • Deleted products will show a negative quantity and negative price
  • Adjusted products will show a blank* quantity and the display the net price change (could be positive or negative)
 Changes for Wire and Cable products will be treated slightly differently:
  • An increase in wire length for an existing product will be treated like an Addition, even if you have adjusted the price of the wire
  • A decrease in wire length for an existing product would be treated as a Deletion, even if you have adjusted the price of the wire
  • No change in wire length for an existing product, but a change in price will be treated like an Adjustment and display a blank* quantity


*Showing a blank quantity for adjustments is an option you can change via your Report Global Settings. When set to “False”, the quantity field will display a zero versus being blank


Purchase Order Reports have parameter to not show OFE products

Prior to this change, products marked as Owner Furnished Equipment (OFE) would show up on the Purchase Order Request reports, now they do not. If, for some odd reason, you wish to re-enable showing OFE products, you can edit the Report Definitions for both of the stock Purchase Order Request reports. 


Print option added to project summary and line item summary



Duplicate product/package has option to duplicate to same location/zone or multiple location(s)/zone(s)

 Previously, duplicating products or packages only gave you a quantity field and by default created the new products/packages in the same location and zone as the original product/package. Now you have the option of choosing different location(s)/zone(s).


Replace Product in projects has option to “Maintain Shape” and “Keep Accessories”

Prior to this change, when replacing a product within a project, the accessories were removed from the project as well. For product replacements that used the same accessories, this caused unnecessary entries on Change Order reports. Now you have the option to keep the prior product’s accessories in the project and they will be assigned to the new product.

The Maintain Shape option allows you to keep the same shapes/blocks on your drawing pages when replacing a product. This is useful on Elevation and Plan pages.

keep accessories maintain shape.jpg

PDM has option to view only discontinued products

When you click the Show Only Discontinued Products button, the Project DataMatrix (PDM) will be filtered to only the products that have been marked as “Discontinued” in your MasterTable. This function is useful for longer projects where products that you have specified become discontinued during the life of the project.


Option to prompt for wire length and headend for package wire

Prior to SP3, when adding a package to a project you were not prompted for the Head End and Wire Length for Rough-In Wire and Cable products unless the wires were accessories to other products.  This setting allows you to choose to be prompted for all wires in a package.  This option is set from within a project via D-Tools->Options->General tab.  Once set, this option will persist to all existing projects.


Text has option to show or hide Product Explorer

Unchecking this option allows for more viewing area of the PDM with in the Text Interface. By default, this option is checked.



Update to Master - Changes in Category, Manufacturer or Model in product dialog in projects update the correct master product (does not create a new product)
Prior to SP3, you would be prompted to create a new product in your MasterTable database.  This would create "duplicate" products in your database, especially when assinging products a more appropriate Category or when correcting the spelling of a Model number.  Now changes to these three key fields will update the "original" product in your MasterTable database versus creating a new product.


Item List and Sync includes an option to show or hide discontinued products

Item List has an option to filter only approved items





  • Visio 2010 - 32-bit version ONLY
  • Outlook 2010
  • QuickBooks 2011


See here for a complete list of software requirements/compatibility.



[6699] File In Use error when saving project
[6632] Automation error on sync product data on machines with Vista or Windows 7 which upgraded from 5.2
[6145] Paste shortcut (CTRL + V) does not crash the report designer
[6636] Copy Project crashes when creating a new folder if parent project folder is open in Windows Explorer
[6637] Promote Revision and Create Revision can crash with a file in use error
[6939] Packages with products in different locations and zones show up incorrectly in proposal reports
[6656] Project grid refreshes correctly after we remove local project files.
[6951] Large drawing check in failure do not cause project to get checked in
[6956] Detail Cost Summary Report calculates margin correctly on page breaks
[6945] Field is not editable in Filter Report dialog
[6657] Misc Costs show incorrectly in revision reports when only price has changed.
[6710] Able to set Multiple Default Report Definition for a custom report via Report designer
[6821] Check in crash error when drawing is renamed to name of existing drawing file on server (duplicate key error)
[6803] Corrupt dtl file can crash reports on load
[6920] Snippets cannot be edited
[6568] Deleted revisions show up in reports grid
[6904] Side shape added to Generic.vss
[6762] Invalid file characters in a revision name mess up revision
[6840] Equipment and Labor items do not stay selected when toggling between them and Packages under Revision Management
[5798] Can create project with same client and project name as a deleted project
[6556] "Summarize Accessories?" report parameter does not work as expected when only one product is in a package
[6625] Export to HTML works correctly from large Visio drawings
[6829] If SCW is cancelled as part of server install SQL instance and product, project folders are incorrect in services.exe config file
[6841] PDM columns disappear when moved
[6846] PDM dropdown shows incorrect values or some columns are not editable when they should be in PDM
[6850] Improved message on logging in when D-Tools service or SQL service has not been started
[6853] CompanyLogo.jpg get locked for windows profiles other the one which synced the file from server
[6876] Crash errors on check in and check out for VPN users not able to connect to SQL Server directly
[6877] Improve error prompts when D-Tools service or SQL service not running
[6906] Persist the QuickLinks setting for "This item is purchased..."
[6919] Report parameters persist correctly after custom report creation
[6947] Improve Clients and Contacts error message when service is not running
[6819] Misc Costs showing the opposite value (positive or negative) on our Change Order reports
[6596] AutoCAD Currency symbol shows correctly in reports and project summary
[6601] AutoCAD dynamic blocks do not lose their dynamic properties when duplicated
[6045] AutoCAD Redo command is enabled
[6706] AutoCAD cannot change default visualization on change block dialog without “Add/Edit Data” permission
[6707] Work better with multiple UNDO and REDO in AutCAD and Visio
[6724] Opening non D-Tools AutoCAD file with D-Tools AutoCAD open crashes AutoCAD
[6757] Purged blocks if reused gives warning and does not crash
[6760] AutoCAD Double Click behaviour is not overridden and works like AutoCAD
[6783] Delete AutoCAD product deletes alternate visuals also
[6950] Locked layers in AutoCAD Paper space do not crash D-Tools AutoCAD drawing
[6660] Changing Component ID in Visio PDM to a duplicate Component ID can crash Visio.
[6537] Wire Wizard prompts twice for wire product when you connect second wire via Wire Wizard
[6770] Refresh OFE product from Master does not update cost and price
[6897] Cell tip in PDM for Windows 7 and Vista fixed
[5380] QuickLinks does not prompt to make Sales Orders final when estimate or invoice exported from QuickLinks
[6708] Fake sync flags set on product update issues fixed
[6786] Product File sync works two folders deep on server and also prompts only if file is newer on server
[6654] Unicode characters export to CSV files from MMPD
[6574] IO Studio has a Save and Close option
[6572] IO Studio allows for different cases than available in dropdown
[6571] Deleting Manufacturer “Generic” should not delete Generic.vss and Generic.dwg
[6573] Selecting a open QBW file does not prompt “File in Use” error
[6183] When adding products to a QuickBooks Estimate /Invoice/Purchase Order group products not in master at bottom of form
[6975] Custom Reports: If Data Explorer is undocked cannot drag fields to designer
[6977] Vendor updates in project when refresh from Master
[6998] Brother Wire Labels report do not display From Manufacturer, From Model, To Manufacturer and To Model
[6951] Large drawing check in failure should not cause project to get checked in
[6481] Save product or package to master in project should not delete accessories or products in package
[7016] Schematic shapes not dropping wires as expected when products are assigned to a Category with no Stencil
[7014] The Project Summary "view" does not factor in equipment adjustments when displaying the Margin and Markup
[7012] Copy Project and Import Project should set Actual Hrs to 0 and Calculate Using Actual Hrs to false
[7011] Projects do not open when we have a semi colon in file name
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