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SI5 Pro Tutorial


Prior to beginning the tutorial we suggest that you read the Pre-Implementation Guide located in the SI 5 User Manual.  This will help you become familiar with many of the concepts covered in the Tutorial.  This Tutorial covers just one of many of possible scenarios.  All pricing (MSRP, Unit Cost, and Unit Price) is fictitious and should not be considered accurate. 

Table Of Contents

The Company

Global Vision, Ltd. is a system integration company operating in the middle residential market.  Their typical project is less than $100,000.  They do primarily home automation with an emphasis on home theater systems.

Mike is the owner and decision maker.  Under him are two sales people, Hans and Franz whose primary responsibility is to meet with potential clients, gather requirements, manage the proposal process and close deals.  Dave is their lead installer and serves as project manager.  Calvin and Hobbes are the installers.  Laura is their designer and works primarily in Visio but dabbles with AutoCAD.  Her primary responsibility is to assist the sales team with proposals and then to engineer and document closed projects.  Marge is their bookkeeper and uses QuickBooks Premiere to manage their financials.  They do not stock inventory for most products with the exception of wire, connectors, back boxes, etc.  Any miscellaneous items that they do not show on a proposal are accounted for with a 3.5% Miscellaneous Parts percentage.  This percentage is only applied to equipment and not to wire and back boxes installed during the rough-in process (they use a 1% factor for the “Rough-In” phase to account for connectors, wire ties, staples, etc.). They invoice most clients in a three step process according to the following percentages: 30% initial, and 50% upon ordering of primary equipment and 20% upon client approval.  They collect 7% sale tax on both goods and services.

Mike and Marge met with the accountant and came up with the following labor rates.



Selling Price




Project Manager






After analyzing timesheet data, it became clear that Dave was spending 100% and Laura 50% of their time on project related activities.  Since there are two installers, .5 hrs of Dave’s time and .25 hrs of Laura’s time should be included for each install hour.  These direct costs need to be included in the labor estimating process.  Dave is responsible for training the client once the system is installed and Laura handles all of the programming tasks.

Mike, Laura and Dave spent several hours defining their business process.  The results of their work are shown in “Appendix A:  Global Vision Process Flow”.



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