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Project Setup

The Project

Discovery with Client

The initial discovery with the client, the MacGowans, went as follows.  They are looking for a simple home theater option.  They entertain on their covered porch frequently so they would like audio there as well.  Their budget is right around $25,000.  They bought the house new five years ago and believe that they can obtain the AutoCAD file of the floor plan from the builder. After the initial discovery, Franz made the initial sketch of the systems that only he and one other person can read:



Not being particularly skilled at drawing, Franz asked Laura to make a better sketch of the systems:


Work now begins on the proposal by starting a Project in SI 5.

Creating the Project

Franz launches SI 5 and is prompted to login:


The SI 5 Navigator opens and the Start tab displays.  Click the “Create a new project” link.


The ten step wizard for creating a new SI 5 Project will open to step one.  He proceeds to fill in information for each of the ten steps.  He wisely consults the “Creating an SI 5 Project” section of the SI 5 User’s Guide.

Step 1:  Project Name and Staff Assignments


Step 2:  Site Address


Step 3:  Billing Address


Step 4:  Project Contacts


Step 5:  Scope Of Work


Step 6:  Location Types


Step 7:  Define Locations


Step 8:  Define Zones

See the “SI 5 User Guide” for ideas on how to use Zones.  In this case Zones are used to define systems or subsystems.


Step 9:  Contract Percentages

It was decided that since this is a small project, they are going to bill for it as 50% Initial payment and the remainder upon completions of work.


Step 10:  Custom Properties

Currently they do not plan to use Custom Project Properties


When he finishes entering the information, he clicks [Save].


The default save location for a project in SI 5 is C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects\Client Name\Project Name for Windows XP users.  For Vista users, the default path is C:\Users\username\Documents\D-Tools SI 5 Projects\ Client Name\Project Name.



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