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Line Drawing

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How to Create a Line Drawing

Laura then launches SI 5 on her machine and is prompted to login.  She has been assigned a license of SI 5 Pro.  She clicks the Project tab then selects the project in the Projects section of the screen and clicks “Check Out this project” so that she has “custody” of it.


She selects the project and then right-clicks and selects Open in Visio->New Drawing:


She selects their custom template and adds a name to the drawing.  The naming convention they use for all project files is to add the Project Number to the file name.


The file that was created does not display on the Project Grid tab but can be viewed via the Selected Project Details tab.  She selects the project right-clicks and then selects Open in Visio->MACGOWAN-001.vsd.  She could have also opened the file via the Selected Project Details tab:


The Project that Franz created is now opened as a Visio Project file:


note_50Note: the interface windows docked along the left side of the screen and the toolbars that are displayed will vary from machine to machine depending on changes the user has made to the interface.  If you do not see an interface window mentioned in this tutorial you can display them by Selecting D-ToolsàView:


Laura then clicks the Line Diagram tab in order to create a flow diagram of the Game Room system based off the sketches made earlier.  The first Product she drags from the PDM to the drawing page is the plasma:   camcorder


The default shape for this page type uses the .jpg image that can be associated with products.  The Visio symbol next to the product in the PDM indicates that the product is on the page:


She continues dragging the Products to the page that she wants to show in this view:


 Because this is a Line page type, she can resize these shapes by dragging the selection handles:


She then uses the Connector Tool in Visio to make the connections between products:


lightbulb_50Tip: The cursor displays like this File:SI5_Tutorial/Line_Drawing/image015.png when you are using the Connector Tool.  When you move the cursor over a Connection Point on a shape, the point turns red:


When the point turns red, left mouse click and hold, then move the cursor to a connection point on another shape until it turns red then release:


You can use the green handles on the line to reposition the line as desired:


To change the position of the text block, right click the shape and uncheck “Snap Text Block Position”.  Then use the yellow handle to position the text to your liking.


When finished, the drawing looks like this:



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