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Dave opens SI 5 and opens the Project.  He selects D-Tools->Project Information and changes the status to “06 – Approved”:


He then saves, closes, and checks in the project.  Dave then creates a Sales Order for the project that will be used to transfer an estimate over to QuickBooks.  With the project still selected on the Projects tab he clicks the Order and Accounting tab:


He clicks the Sales Orders tab and then clicks [New]->SalesOrder:


A new tab is created for the Sales Order:


Dave then clicks [Add Item]:


He chooses to select all of the products then clicks [Add and Close]:


He then Saves the Sales Order:


After creating the SO, it is time to push the SO over to QuickBooks as an Estimate via the LinkTools – QuickBooks (also known as QuickLinks) interface.    Although not necessary, he opens QuickBooks on his machine so the process will move quicker.  In the Navigator he selects Tools->QuickLinks:


The D-Tools QuickLinks form opens.  Since he wants to create in estimate, he selects “Estimate” from the View dropdown and then clicks [New]:


He then selects the proper Sales Order and clicks [OK]:


The QuickLinks Estimate form opens.  He assigns the Customer:Job and adds all of the products from the Sales Order to the Estimate.  All of these products have been sold by them before and are therefore linked to QuickBooks items.  He clicks [Save] to transfer the estimate over to QuickBooks:


Once the estimate is transferred to QuickBooks, he emails Marge to inform her of the transaction.  Since all of the products were added to the Sales Order, he wants to change the status of the Sales Order to “Closed”. He clicks the Orders and Accounting tab->Sales Order tab and double-clicks the Sales Order to open it.  He then uses the dropdown to change the status and then saves the Sales Order:


Since the Estimate is over in QuickBooks, Marge does not even need to interact with SI 5.  She opens QuickBooks on her machine and reviews the Estimate before creating Invoices and Purchase Orders.



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