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Install and Change Order

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Installation and Change Order

A week later the equipment arrives and the project is now ready for install.  Calvin and Hobbes load the truck, make the trek, and begin the install.  While there, Mrs. MacGowan mentions that she would like a separate controller for the covered porch so they don’t have to constantly remember to bring the ST-1700 outside with them.

Hobbes calls Franz to let him know about the requested change.  Franz sits down with Dave and they decide, based on the client’s budget constraints, that they will add a Crestron CT-1000 next to the Jacuzzi.   Dave opens SI 5 and checks out the project.  He then clicks “Create a new revision of this project”:


The following screen opens.  They leave the default file name for revisions so he clicks [OK]:


Revisions display on the Selected Project Details tab:


Dave then opens the project and attempts to add the CT-1000 to the project but it is not in their database.  He selects File->Manage My Product Data:


He then clicks the Download tab, selects the product for download and then clicks [Download]:

download ct-1000 expanded mod

He calls Marge to confirm the pricing and install hours then clicks the Product Explorer tab to edit the product.  Once he edits the product, he adds it and a Cresnet run to the project.  He then saves, closes, and checks in the project.

He then wants to create a Change Order for the client to sign before they proceed.  He selects the project in the lookup and then clicks the Business Manger tab->Revision Management tab. He checks the two revisions and clicks [Run]:


The display defaults to “Project Overview” so he selects “Equipment and Labor” from the dropdown:


He then checks both products and clicks Reports->Change Order:


The Create Change Order form opens, click [Create]:


The Change Order displays on a tab:




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