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Reporting Interface

The Reports tab allows you to run reports for the selected project. 



note_50You can also run reports from within an open Project by selecting D-Tools->Reports from the menu bar:


Although not shown, you can do this from within the Visio and AutoCAD project interfaces as well.

If you were also a V4.6 user and have SI 5 loaded on the same machine where SI 4 is installed, you may access your legacy reports from within an open project by selecting D-Tools-> Reports, then select File-> Legacy Reporting System as shown below.


A familiar form will open. While we hope this is comforting to you, you must abandon these archaic reports and embrace the new SI 5 reports at some point, the sooner the better…seriously.


See the SI4 Users Guide for more details on how to use this interface.

The Reports interface has a Projects sub-tab that lists all of your projects in your current "Show" Selection.  There is a Toolbar with buttons that will be described below.  The Navigator Bar displays a list of all of your Reports.

reports tab.jpg


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