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Sort Report by Priority

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I was asked recently about how to sort a project’s report by priority instead of just ascending by the manufacturer and model.

Here are the steps to follow if you too would like to run a report based on a priority.

Step 1 is to change Custom Property 1 to be “Priority”.  To do this open MMPD and go to the Administration tab and then click on the Custom Properties tab.  Here you can rename Custom Property 1 to Priority.


Step 2 is to set your products’ Priority levels.  You can do this by manufacturer or even by Category.  You will NOT have to set each individual part.  You will want to open the Product Grid and select a Manufacturer from your list on the left and then on the right side you will add the Priority column by right-clicking on one of the column headings and choose Columns, Groupings… and select Priority and you can move it where you would like to see it appear.


Step 3 is to make the adjustments to your equipment.  Let’s look at setting all of our Mitsubishi televisions to Priority 1.  We will select the first row and shift click on the last row to select the all.  Now click once in the Priority cell for the first one and enter the value we want (for televisions we will make them all 1).


Now when I press enter it will not only change the priority for the first one, but for all selected.  *This works for other columns as well.


Now I will create a project and add equipment as I need to and notice I added the Priority column top my PDM as well.


Now if I run my standard Proposal (Install Price) report you will see that it will show my products in its standard alphabetical order.


Now I will run my Custom Report named Proposal (Install Price) by Priority an you will see the products will now be in the order they should be.


This will also work with products that have accessories and the accessories will be sorted the same way.

You can import this report into your system by going to the Reports tab and press the icon with the little Red arrow to import the report.  Please note that it will be imported as an uncategorized report and will show up at the very bottom of your reports list.




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