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Running a Report

To generate a report you can: double click a report, right-click the report and choose “Run Report” or select a report in the list and click the File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image001.png button on the function bar:


The report will generate and display on a tab in the Display Area:



Viewing a Report

Once you run a report, it will appear as its own tab in the Projects and Reports area. You can have a large number of report tabs open at once, which makes it easy to compare reports.


When viewing a report, you have a row of tools at the top for performing different actions.


File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image006.png...... Show/hide table of contents and thumbnail view

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image007.png     Print the report to a printer

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image008.png..... Copy the current page onto the clipboard

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image009.png...... Find text within the document

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image010.png   Single page / multi-page / continuous scroll view

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image011.png Zoom out / Zoom in / Set zoom

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image012.png. Go to Next Page / Previous Page

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image013.png      Page Number/Total Pages

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image014.png     View previously viewed pages

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image015.png...... Add annotation to report


File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image017.png...... Export to Adobe pdf format file, .pdf

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image018.png...... Export to rich text format file, .rtf

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image019.png...... Export to html format, .html

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image020.png..... Export to plain text format, .txt

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image021.png..... Export to Excel, .xls

File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image022.png..... Excel Report Settings – this launches a window for you to configure how your settings


Importing a report into MS Word

To import a report into MS Word for continued editing, follow these steps:

1)    Click on the Export to Rich Text Format icon or the Export to Plain Text Format icon and select a name and location for the file.


2)    Open Microsoft Word

3)    Go to Insert > File, select “All Word Documents” in the file type dropdown, and browse to the file.

. File:Reports/Running_Viewing_Import/image025.jpg

Using your own Word Templates with Proposals or Line Item Reports

If you want to fine tune the look of your Proposals and Line Item Reports in Word, you can do this by running these reports with no headers or footers, then inserting into your own custom-made Word template. Follow these steps:

1)    Create a Word template with the desired headers and footers you want to use.

note_50D-Tools provides sample templates in your Global Application folder (in Windows XP, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Settings\D-Tools\SI5\Other Files).  See SI5 Proposal Template 1.dot. VISTA:  C:\ProgramData\D-Tools\SI5\Other Files

2)    Create a custom report definition (see below) and uncheck the “Show Page Header and Footer” parameter.


3)    Run the report using the custom report definition.

4)    Export to Rich Text Format (see above)

5)    Create a new Word document based on your custom template.

6)    Go to Insert > File and browse to the rtf document (see above)



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