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Comparing Two Revisions of a Project

See here for information on creating revisions.

When more than one revision of a project exists, you will see a [+] symbol next to the project name when you are on the Reports tab:


When you expand the [+] symbol you will see all of your revisions for the project listed:

revisions expanded.jpg

If you want to compare two revisions of a project with each other, select the revisions in the project list and right-click to select "Create Project Delta".  A Project Delta is a temporary "file" that gets created and contains only the differences between the two compared revisions.  Project Deltas are definitely temporary and must be recreated each time you leave the Reports tab.

create project delta.jpg

The order of the selection is important.  The difference will always be Delta Amount = (Selection1 – Selection2).  In order to select the revision order, click the first revision to select it and then while pressing the [Ctrl] button on your keyboard click the second revision.  The Project Delta(s) will display beneath the revisions.  In the example below, I compared Rev 0 to Rev 1 and then compared Rev1 to Rev 0.  Notice the price difference based on the selected order:


Once you have created a Project Delta, which only includes the differences between the two revisions, you can select the delta project and run reports against it.

run delta.jpg

Change Orders

The most common report you would want to run for a Project Delta is a Change Order.  A Change Order in SI5 is simply a Proposal report that has been generated for a Project Delta.  The only place that a Change Order report actually exists in under the Revision Manaegment tab.  However, if you run any one of our Proposal reports against a Project Delta, that is a Change Order report.  The only difference is that it will still display "Proposal" in the header of the report vs. "Change Order".  You can easily modify the header of any/all Proposal reports via our Report Designer.

Other Reports

The following "stock" SI5.5 reports work with project Delta with no filtering required:


Line Item Detail


Proposal (Install Price)

Proposal (Equipment & Labor Price)

Proposal w/Graphics

Proposal w/Graphics (Install Price)

Proposal with Images

Proposal with Images (Install Price)

Proposal Summary

Detail Cost Summary

Gross Profit

List Blank Items In Project

The following reports will work with project Deltas, however you must apply a filter for ChangeType in order to produce the proper output.

Check List

Pick List

Purchase Order Request

Wire Checklist

Wire Connections

Wire Labels by Head

Wire Labels by Location

Wire Labels by Wire Number

The following reports do not work with project Deltas:

Cover Page

Project Hours

Project Contact Information

Scope of Work Document


To apply a filter, right-click the Report or the Report Definition and choose "Run Report With Filters".  Set the Filter = "ChangeType", the Operator = "Equal To", and the Value set to either: "Added" for newly added products, "Removed" for deleted products, or "Adjusted" for products that were changed.




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