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Reports Toolbar


The toolbar has a collection of icons for quick access to these common actions

File:Reports/Toolbar/image002.png...... Run Report

File:Reports/Toolbar/image003.png...... Run Report with Filters opens the following form.  Click in each column to choose a Field, Operator, and Value.


File:Reports/Toolbar/image005.png...... Edit Report opens the following form and allows you to change the Name, Description, and Category of the report.


File:Reports/Toolbar/image007.png ..... Create New Report Category opens the following form.  Name the Category and then select the reports you want to add to the Category.  There are three stock Report Categories in SI 5: Client, Management, and Installation.


File:Reports/Toolbar/image009.png..... Edit Report Category allows you to edit the selected Category.


File:Reports/Toolbar/image011.png ..... Create New Report Group opens the following form.  Groups run multiple reports at a time.  Name the Group, add a Description, and select the reports for the Group.


File:Reports/Toolbar/image013.png ..... Edit Report Group allows you to edit a Group.

File:Reports/Toolbar/image014.png ..... Report Designer opens the interface to customize existing SI 5 reports.  See Report Designer for details.

File:Reports/Toolbar/image015.png ..... Export Reports allows you to export any custom reports that you have created.  Reports do not synchronize so in order to share you must export the report and then transfer to another machine and import.  A zip file will be created.


File:Reports/Toolbar/image017.png ..... Import Reports allows you to browse to a .zip file created via the
Export reports function.

The Export/Import functions here are only for the Standard Reports that display within this interface.  To Export/Import custom “Orders and Scheduling” Reports you must do this within the “Orders & Scheduling” Report Designer:



File:Reports/Toolbar/image019.png ..... New Excel Report opens the following form.  See Excel Reports for details.

File:Reports/Toolbar/image020.png ..... Refresh Project List refreshes the grid.

File:Reports/Toolbar/image021.png ..... View/Change Global Settings opens the following form.

Global Report Settings



Report Tax Descriptions

Expanding this list gives you three text fields for overriding either the GST, PST, or Sales Tax Descriptions that display in the Project Summary section of Proposal reports.

Location Detail Level

Options are “-1” through “5”.  “-1” will display the full hierarchy of your Location Types for a project.  Using any number 1-5 will run the reports to the specified level.  Remember, you can have up to five Location Types in SI 5.

Example: You are using a Location Type Hierarchy as follows: Building->Floor-> Room.  You only want your reports to show by Room.  Since “Room” is the third Location Type in your hierarchy you would choose “3” for this setting.

Keep Accessories With Parent Item

Options are “True” or “False”. When set to “True”, accessories will be listed beneath the parent item and the price of all the accessories will be included in the price displayed next the parent product.  When set to “False”, accessories will be listed independently and the price of the accessories will not be included in the price of the parent product.

Show Packages in Proposals

Options are “True” or “False”.  When set to “True”, the price of all the products in a Package will be included in the price displayed next the Package name in the report.  When set to “False”, the products will display in the report individually and there will be now entry for the package name displayed.

Prefilter Items

Options are “True” or “False”.  This function will filter the products in a project prior to sending the data over to the report.  The default is “True” and in all reality, you should NEVER change this to "False".  This functionality was added post SI5 release to make corrections to  the way our reports originally ran in SI5.

Example: You have a package in SI 5 with some products in the Rough-In Phase and some in the Finish Phase.  If you run a report filtered to the “Rough-In” Phase, the products Rough-In products from the package will not display in the report when this value is set to “False”.  When set to “True” (the default) the filtering will include the products within the package on the report (which is what you want ).

ARViewer Page Settings

Allows you to choose whether or not to default to MultiPageColumns and Multipage Rows view.

Show All Wires in Brother Wire Label

This option is set to “False” by default which means that only wires that you have used in connections on drawing pages in the Visio or AutoCAD interfaces will be available for printing.  If you want wire labels for all wires within a project regardless of whether the wires are connected to products in our drawing interfaces, set this to “True”.

List OFE items as separate proposal items

This option is set to “True” by default.  OFE is short for “Owner Furnished Equipment”.   Setting this to “False” will group all like products in a project regardless of whether they are marked OFE or not.  See Product Details for more information on OFE.

Enable Shapes in RTF Export

This option is set to “True” by default.  Setting this to “False” will revert the RTF Export function to the way it worked in SI5.2 when text was exported without “text box” shapes.

Display Scope of Work in Grid

This option is set to "True" by default.  Setting this to "False" allows you to not display the Scope of Work on the Projects sub-tab in our Reports interface. When you mouse over a project with a Scope of Work statement, the whole SOW displays in a sub-window that some users may find annoying.


Show Zero Quantity as Blank

This option is set to "True" by default. This option is related to working with Revisions in SI5.  When you run a Proposal report against a Project Delta, products that were "adjusted" (e.g. - price was modified) between revisions will not display anything (blank) in the quantity field of the report.  Setting this to "False" will display a zero in the quantity column for "adjusted" products. Totally a personal preference setting.  This setting will persist to the "Change Order" report within the Revision Management function.



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