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Product Details

Product Details

There are three required fields that uniquely identify each Product in your database: Category, Manufacturer, and Model.  To add a new Category or Manufacturer to your database, click the [New] link next to the appropriate field.


The Google button File:05Product_Data/1Product_Properties/1Product_Details/image002.png will open IE and run a search in Google Products.


The Type field allows you to further identify the product beyond the Category. To add a new Type simply type the new one into the field.  There is no way to delete from this list. This Type field is different from the Category Type field mentioned above.


This field is optional and can be used for a Manufacturer’s part number or your own internal numbering system for identifying parts.


This dropdown allows you to identify whether a Product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


This dropdown allows you to mark Products as “Approved” or “Unapproved”.  Unapproved Products do not synchronize via LANSync.


This field is used to store the URL for the Product.  This can be any URL you choose, e.g. the manufacturer’s website, a PDF of the cut sheet, etc.

Project Specific Product Properties

There are also project specific fields that only appear within projects.




This stands for Owner Furnished Equipment.  Checking this box will zero out the price of the product.  Any assigned labor for the equipment will still be charged.

Component ID

This is automatically assigned based on your Component ID Format.  You can manually edit this field if you wish.

Serial Number

This is an editable field if you wish to track the serial numbers of equipment within a project.







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