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Product Specifications

Specifications Tab


Height, Width, and Depth

These values will either be in inches or millimeters, depending on your Measurement Units setting (see Application Settings).  Height and width are used in Visio and AutoCAD on the Elevation pages to determine the size of the shape or block.  Width and depth are used in Visio and AutoCAD on the Plan view pages when you use a Scaled Plan shape or block.

Amps, Voltage, BTU, and Weight

These fields do not have any effect on any functions within SI5; however, custom reports may be generated to make use of these fields for engineering and installation analysis purposes.

Rack Mounted

Converts the Height value to Rack Units through the magic of math.  When checked, the Height field will gray out and the Rack Units field will populate. This calculation rounds up.

Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and outputs are used in Visio and AutoCAD on the Schematic pages, which are then used to generate wire connection reports.  The shapes and blocks will automatically populate with the inputs and outputs that are listed in this section.  Clicking the [Edit Inputs and Outputs in I/O Studio] will open the I/O Studio.



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