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Project Folder

This is where you set the default path for where your local SI5 Projects are stored.  This folder should be on the local machine and not on a server.  There is a completely separate folder that is created on your server during install for projects that are checked-in.  These two folders must be completely different from each other, i.e. DO NOT remap this folder to where your server projects are stored.

The default path for your local project folder is

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\*username\My Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects

Vista/7: C:\Users\*username\Documents\D-Tools SI5 Projects

*username = your Windows username

If you redirect your "My Documents" folder to network drive, you should choose another folder on the local machine that is not redirected in which to store your local SI5 Project files.

Default Wire Length

This is the default wire length for "bulk" Wire and Cable products in your database assigned to the Rough-In Phase.  This number can be changed on a per project basis via D-Tools->Options.

Measurement Units

Choose between US or Metric. If you choose “US”: height, width, and depth will be in inches while wire length will be in feet.  If you choose “Metric”: height, width, and depth will be in millimeters while wire length will be in meters.



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