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Packages are a group of Products that provide a convenient way to add multiple Products to a Project at one time.  The price of the Package is the sum of the Products in the Package and the labor calculated for a Package is the sum of the labor for each Productin the Package.  Discounts may also be applied Packages to provide special pricing.

Package Form



A Package Name is required, the Description is optional.  Products that you add to a Package may have Accessories associated with them and you may or may not want Accessories included in the Package.  The “Accessory Options” section allows you to select the desired accessory behavior for each Package. 

The Reports Options section has two options:

1)    Summarize in Client Reports – Only the Package Name and Description will show in Line Item reports, unless you override this option.

2)    Ignore Labor Calculations on Equipment and Wire Products – this option ignores all labor calculations for all non-Labor Products in the Package.  It is assumed that you would add a Labor Product to the Package to account for the labor.

In the ‘Package Contents” section of the form you can [Add] or [Delete] Products as well as adjust the price of the Package.



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