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Editing Products

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Using MMPD to Edit Products

You can edit Products either in the Product Explorer or Product Grid screens.

In the Product Explorer screen, select a Product in the Product Tree and either click PDM Edit Selected Product - Package or double-click the Product so it is displayed as a tab on the right side of the screen.  Make changes and then click [Save].


In the Product Grid screen, select a Product in the grid and either click PDM Edit Selected Product - Package or double-click the Product.  The Product Properties form will open and be editable.


Another way to edit Product in the Product Grid screen is by editing directly in the grid instead of opening the Product Properties form.  Many fields will have a dropdown menu of options when you left-click in the field:


If you are wanting to edit a field that does not have a dropdown menu in the grid, left-click once in the field and then press [F2] on your keyboard.  This will put a cursor in the field.

note_50You cannot have the Product Properties open for edit for the same Product in both the Product Explorer and Product Grid screens. If you attempt, you will see the following message:




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