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Component ID Format

Component ID Format


This is where you set the default Component ID for Products added to a Project.  The Component ID is a unique identifier assigned to each Product that is added to a Project.  The Component ID is customizable and can be modified on a per Project basis if you choose.  The Component ID Format form consists of three columns: Type, Value, and Length.

A unique Component ID is assigned to each Product when it is added to a Project.  The format of the Component ID is determined by the Component ID Format form above with the addition of a sequence number, all separated by dashes “-“.  The sequence number will increment as Products are added to the Project.  The form of the Component ID should be carefully considered.  It will be shown on drawings and used as a reference throughout SI 5.  It should be long enough to provide reference clarity, but short enough to not clutter complex drawings.


Format Type

Choose either “Field” or “Text”.  “Field” allows you to choose a product property in the Value dropdown.  If you choose “Text”, you will type in a value in the Value cell.  Although “Text” is an option, it really doesn’t make sense to use it here.  The reason being, the Component ID Format is used for every Product that you add to a Project to uniquely identify that Product.  If you use “Text” in the Component ID format, every product will have the same text shown in the Component ID.  Using Fields is a much better way to uniquely identify Products.  “Type” and “Model” are popular Value choices.



If “Field” is selected in the Type cell, then use the dropdown in the Value cell to pick a field from the Product Properties for a Product.  If “Text” is selected in the Type cell then type in a value in the cell.



The number entered in this cell determines how many characters you are pulling from the Fields that you selected. 

The buttons allow you to add new rows or delete existing rows.  You can also move existing rows up or down in the list.

Example: In this example, the Component ID Format is as shown below (first three characters of the Zone name followed by first four characters of the Type name).


You add a wire to a Project of Type “Audio” and assign it to the “Distributed Audio” Zone.  The Component ID that will be generated for this Product will be: DIS-AUDI-001. If you add another run of the same wire to the Project, its Component ID will be: DIS-AUDI-002.

 “Type” is an available field for Products in your database and is used extensively throughout SI 5.



The Component ID can be modified within a project via D-Tools->Project Information.



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