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The Contract report is comprised of a handful of sections and a few bound sub-reports. Click here for a sample of the SI5.5 Contract report. Below is a breakdown of the major sections/sub-reports of the Contract report.


The Header contains your company information as well as some client information:


The Detail section of the Contract report is made up of four major parts: “Section A through I”,  Phase Breakdown, Payment Schedule, and “Section 1 through 6”:





Also contained in the Detail section are some signature lines for you and your client.


Customizing the Contract Report


Note: Although not shown in the video, click the [Save for Later] button prior to publishing the report (step 11 below). This is a bug with the Report Designer when working with loading RTF files.  You must click the Save for Later button prior to publishing or your changes may not be saved. 


If you only customize one report in SI5.5, it will likely be the Contract. The most common modifications are adding your own wording to the “Section A through I” and “Section 1 through 6”. Other modifications include adding fields or removing either the Phase Breakdown or Payment Schedule from the report. Modifications like this are quite simple once you understand the basic controls used in the report. Once inside of the Report Designer, the sections describe above become much more apparent.
Example: In this example I will replace the verbiage on the stock Contract report with new terms and also remove the Phase Breakout from the report. Each section of verbiage is actually a RichTextBox control while the Phase breakout is a SubReport control that is bound to a subreport.
  1. Create two Rich Text Format documents that contain your verbiage that you want to use to replace “Section A through I” and “Section 1 through 6” on the stock report  (you can create an RTF document in MS Word, just use the Save as->Other Format option to save as in RTF format):



  1. Open the Report Designer for Standard Reports
  2. Choose to create a new report based off of an existing report
  3. Choose the Contract report, name it, then click Next through all the remaining steps of the wizard until you can click the Finish button
  4. When the Report Designer opens you will see the report “canvas”

designer canvas.jpg


  1. Select the Rich TextBox control on the report for “Section A through I”, you will see a border form around the control:


  1. Right-click the control and choose “Load file…”


  1. Browse to the appropriate RTF doc from step 1.
  2. Repeat for steps 6 and 7 for “Section 1 through 6”.
  3. In-between the two sections we just modified there are two SubReport controls. To remove the Phase breakout subreport, select the top SubReport control (notice that the “(Name)” field in the Properties window says “SubPhases”) and hit the Delete button on your keyboard.



  1. Click the [Save for Later] button.  Note: this is a bug with the Report Designer when working with loading RTF files.  You must click the Save for Later button prior to publishing or your changes may not be saved.
  2. Publish your report via File->Publish Report.
  3. Run report to verify it looks as expected. In the example below you can see that the stock wording has now been changed and that the Phase breakout no longer displays. Click here for a sample based on this example.

custom contract.jpg

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