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Modifying the Project Summary

Modifying the Project Summary Section of a Proposal




The Project Summary section of a stock SI5.5 Proposal report is actually a subreport that is bound to the “main” report. In this example we will change the wording “Equipment Adjustment” to “Preferred Customer Discount” and we will change “Sales Tax” to say “Government Revenue”. 



  1. Open the Report Designer and choose to create a report based off of an existing report.
  2. The report you will choose is named “Project Summary Detail”.




  1. When you are finished with the New Report Wizard, the report will be open for edit.  Select the control for “Equipment Adjustment” and then make your changes to the “Text” field in the Properties window:

editing text.jpg


  1. Notice that on the report there is a section named “grpTaxDetails” but there does not appear to be any text to edit. This is because the tax detail is actually another subreport that is bound to the “Project Summary Detail” subreport:



Note: you could modify the tax subreport (it is named “ProjectTaxDetail”) to change the wording and bind it to the “Project Summary Detail” subreport but there is an easier way that will be discussed later in this post.
  1. Save and publish the subreport but do not exit the Report Designer when prompted.
  2. Create a new report based on the Proposal template of your choice.
  3. When you are finished with the New Report Wizard, the report will be open for edit.
  4. In the grpSummaryDetail section of the Proposal template, select the SubReport control. It is not easy to see but once you have it selected it will show as a line of gray slashes. Right-click on this control and select “Bind To D-Tools Report”:


  1. Select the report you published in step 6.
  2. Save and publish your report then exit the Report Designer.
Now to address renaming the tax description. 
  1. On the Reports tab within SI5.5, click the Global Report Settings button and use the “Sales Tax Description Override” field to make your desired change then close the form:



  1. Run your new report against a project to check your results:


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