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List Blank Items in Project

List Blank Items in Project


This report will list all products in a project that have one or more of the following fields blank: Unit Price, Unit Cost, Height, and Width. The default Report Definitions for this report are shown below:


Contents of Report

The Header has a graphic and a text box with the words “List Blank Items in Project”.


list blank report.jpg



  1. The next section your company information (pulls from the Setup tab) and "Modified Date" and "Revision" fields.


  1. The main body of the report consists of each product in the project being listed with the following columns: Category, Manufacturer, Model, ComponentID, Category, Unit Cost, Selling Price, Margin, Markup, Install Hours, Height, Width, and Phase.


list blank report footer.jpg

  1. The Footer has your company name displayed as well as pagination.
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