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Changing Proposal Graphics

Changing the Graphics on a Proposal


This post will show how to change the graphics on an SI5.5 Proposal.  Although the software ships with a stock report named “Proposal w/Graphics”, I will be modifying one of the additional reports that you can download from D-Tools.  To download the additional reports, click this link and choose to download the "Proposal with Graphics". Then import the zip file via the "Import Reports" function. I will be modifying the “Proposal w/Graphics 4″ report.


Before beginning, you should be aware that Proposal reports within SI5.5 all support dynamic grouping up to three levels.  That means that you could create report that groups your products by Location, then by Zone, and then by Category.  You may want to create three different graphics for each level (in this example I will only be doing one level).  You may also want an overall header graphic for the report if you wish to change that as well.



You are on your own to create a graphic that you like.  You can do this in Photoshop or even in MSPaint (built in program in Windows).  Or if you are feeling completely uncreative you can search the web or even use clip art.  The closer you have the graphic to actual size, the better.  The graphic I used in this example is 6.5″ wide (all SI5.5 Proposals have a 1″ border on both sides) and approximately .3″ tall to closely match the existing graphics.

Note: the steps below assume some experience or knowledge with working within SI5.5 and the Report Designer.  For more help on customizing reports, click here.

1.       Open the Report Designer for Standard Reports:



2.       Choose to create a new report and within the wizard, choose “New Report Based on Existing Report”

3.       Select the Proposal w/Graphics 4 report from the list and click [Next]:



4.       Name the report and then click [Next] through all of the rest of the steps and click [Finish] on the last step

5.       Select the graphic you wish to change and then click the existing value in the Image property within the Properties window.

6.       Click the [...] button and browse to your graphic:



7.       Publish the report and choose [Yes] when prompted to close the Report Designer.

8.       Run your report and admire your new graphic(s):


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