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Proposal Summary

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Proposal Summary


This Proposal Summary report in SI5 is not a “line item” report, meaning that individual products will not display as on the other Proposal reports. Instead, this report display group totals only for however you decide to group the report.

top of page prop summ.jpg


The Header has a graphic and a text box with the words “Proposal Summary”.
  1. At the top of the report on the first page will display: you company logo and address information (pulled from the Setup tab), the project name and client information (pulls from the Project Information), and Modified date and Revision fields.
  2. The main content of the report lists each grouping and its total Installation Price (price includes Unit Price + Labor + Misc Parts % + Equipment +/-%).


bottom of page prop summ.jpg

  1. Project Subtotal.
  2. Miscellaneous Costs. If you have entered Misc Costs for a project, they will list at the end of the report after the Project Subtotal. These values are not taxed.
The Footer of this report just displays the pagination.
The last page of this Proposal Summary report displays the Project Summary that included the Total Installation Price, the Sales Tax, and the Grand Total:

prop summary proj summary II.jpg


The default Report Definitions are shown below, each of which has only one grouping.  You can create your own Definitions for this report for up to three groupings, e.g. By Location By Zone By Category.

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