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Setting Zone Order

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Setting Your Zones To Show In The Order You Choose

If you are running a report by Zone, but it is not in the “correct” order or you want it to be in a specific order here is how. Let’s run a report on our sample project.


Let’s say we want to change the order that this shows in our report. Instead of the way it is showing we want to modify the order. The way to do this is to right-click on an item in your project and choose Assign – Zone.


You will now see the list of Zones in your project. Notice that they are in the same order as the report we just ran.


Now you can select individual zones and use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to put them in the order you wish them to appear.


Now when we run our report the Zones will be listed in the order we have selected.


This works on any report that is ran by Zone and not just the Proposal Summary.



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