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Zero Wire Length

SI5.5: Reports will not run if project has wires with zero length

wire_length_0In the current release of SI5.5, standard reports will not run on a project if there are any wires in the project with wire length = 0. This is a bug which will be fixed in a future service pack, and which has an immediate workaound.

If using a wire length of zero is important for you, please help us understand why by adding a comment below.

Bug Description

When attempting to run a report on a project which has wire lengths = 0, all standard reports will appear to run, but will produce no output. This is caused by the reporting engine failing to create a necessary data file.


Immediate – open the project, find all wire lengths =0 and set these = 1

The fastest way to do this is:

1. Open the project and go to the Project Data Matrix (PDM)
2. Filter the PDM for Category = “Wire and Cable”
3. View the Wire Length column (Columns and Grouping)
4. Turn off all groupings (Columns and Grouping)
5. Sort by Wire Length
6. Select all wires with length = 0
7. In one of the selected wire length cells, type “1″ and hit enter. This will update all selected rows.
8. Save the project.

Long-term - a permanent solution will be included in our next release/service pack

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