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Sharing Reports

Sharing / Backing Up Custom Reports

When you create a custom report, it exists only on your local machine. In order to share your report(s) with other users, you need to use the Export/Import Reports functions within SI5.5. Even if you are not sharing these reports, using the Export Reports function is how you can make a backup copy of your customized reports in case of catastrophic machine failure. It is important to consider using this function because the SI5.5 backup function only backs up product data and projects.

To backup any of your Standard (any report that is run via the Reports tab in the Navigator) custom reports, click the Export Reports button from the Reports tab:


A window opens that displays all of the customized reports on your machine. Check the reports you wish to share and then click the browse button to select a location to save the archive file (.zip format):


You can then email or transfer the .zip file that gets created to any other machine that you wish to share these reports with or simply copy this backup of your reports to an external drive or backup location. The other user will simply use the Import Reports function to browse to the zip file.


Imported reports will display under “Uncategorized Reports”. To set a Category for a report, select the report in the list and then click the Edit Report button:


Choose a Category from the dropdown on the form that opens:


Sharing Orders & Scheduling Reports

In order to share or backup any Orders & Scheduling reports that you have customized, you must do this through the Orders & Scheduling Report Designer. To do this, open the Orders & Scheduling Report Designer via the Tools menu in the Navigator:


Once open, select File->Export Reports and select the reports you wish to export:


On the other user's machine, use the "Import Reports" function.




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