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Custom Information

The Custom Information section is mostly used by the D-Tools data entry team to track specific properties of the product.


Need Dimensions?

Yes/no check box.  Does the item require dimensions?  another way to look at this question is will the item need to be drawn on the elevation page of a project?  For example a wall outlet would not need dimensions because it will not be drawn on an elevation page but an equipment rack would need dimensions.

Need Inputs-Outputs?

Yes/no check box.  Does the item require inputs and outputs to be documented?  for example an equipment rack does not have I/O's but a switcher does have I/O's and they need to be documented.

Need Thumbnail?

Yes/No check box.  Does the item require a thumbnail image to be represented in reports and flow view views of projects?  For example speaker rough in brackets do not need to represented anywhere on the reports so they would not need a thumbnail image whereas the actual speaker could/would be represented.

Installation Phase?

Pick list field.  At what point in the project time-line will the item be installed?  Choices are Rough-In, Trim, Finish, Programming.

Installation Hrs.

2 Decimal number field.  How long does it take to install this item?

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