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Pricing Information

The Pricing Information section displays all of the pricing information related to the specific product.



Currency field.  Manufacturers suggested list price.


Currency field.  Minimum Advertised Price.

Resale Cost 1-3

Currency field.  Allows for 3 different cost structures.  Enter the cost of the item.

Discount off List %

Percent field.  In some cases cost can be derived as discount from list/MSRP.

Reseller Category

Multi-Select Picklist field.  The Reseller Category field allows the user to assign a reseller category to a specific product.  For example a user could have some products that are designed for Residential AV resellers and some products designed for Security resellers and some products that are applicable to both.  By assigning one or more (Ctrl + Click) Reseller Categories to a product a user now can easily sort products by resellers served making custom price lists by reseller category easy to generate.  

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