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FAQ - SecureConnect 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions for SecureConnect 2.0

Why was SecureConnect 2.0 created?

SecureConnect 2.0 was created as an intermediate step between our data gathering process and data publishing process.  Before SC2 we would gather the data using our in house content management system (CMS) and then email a spreadsheet to to our manufacturer partners and have them approve.  Since all our partners had was a spreadsheet to manage the data the approval process could take up to six months.  Not good :(

With SC2 our partners now have a full compliment of enterprise class data management tools to quickly and easily manage their data.  Once an item is marked as approved it will be automatically grabbed by our CMS system and pushed to the data library as well as the D-Tools users who download the data into their systems.

What platform does SecureConnect use?

SecureConnect uses a modified version of the vtiger open source CRM platform.  Almost all the modifications were designed to secure and enhance the Products section so multiple users from different companies could only see and edit "their" data.  This is a key feature because most CRM systems are designed for a single company.   

Is SecureConnect secure?

From the start of this project the overall mantra was that no user should be able to view/add/edit another users data.  The only people who can view/add/edit data are the system administrators and the owner/handler of the data.  There is no way for anyone who not have the proper credentials to view/add/edit your data.

Where is it hosted?

SC2 is hosted at our secure 24/7 colo in San Francisco, CA on a Linux VM.

What is the backup schedule?

 We automatically take a snapshot of the entire VM once a day.

Can I share the login with others in my company?

Sure, or if you need some more named seats just ask your rep.  Named seats are good for companies with a lot of products spread out over different divisions. 



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