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Project Schedule

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Project Schedule

This tab allows you to create Tasks, Summary Tasks to add to the project schedule which then displays as a Gantt chart. You can also associate an existing Work Order to the Project Schedule as long as that Work Order has at least one Task associated with it.


File:Scheduling/Project/image002.png – allows you add a Task, Summary Task, or Work Order to the schedule.

File:Scheduling/Project/image003.png – edit the selected Task or Work Order

File:Scheduling/Project/image004.png – delete the selected Task, Summary Task, or Work Order

File:Scheduling/Project/image005.png – find Tasks by searching

File:Scheduling/Project/image006.png– Move up/down selected Tasks, Summary Tasks, and Work Orders

File:Scheduling/Project/image007.png – Add/Delete Resources to selected Tasks

File:Scheduling/Project/image008.png- prints the data in the Gantt chart. Note: this printout will begin with the Start Date of the project, not just what's on the Gantt Chart. To change your Start Date, open the project and select D-Tools->Project Information.

File:Scheduling/Project/image009.png – two main options: Project Reports and Task Reports. The Task Reports option becomes active when a Task is selected in the Project Schedule. These reports will display in a tab within the Scheduling interface.



File:Scheduling/Project/image012.png – Send to Outlook allows you email Task Reports when a Task is selected in the Project Schedule.


File:Scheduling/Project/image014.png – Working Hours opens a window on the right hand side of the interface that allows you to change the Working Hours for the project:


Here you set the days and hours that your Resources work.  Choose your Start Time, Week Work Days, Hours/Day, and Add Holidays as needed.  There are two calendar fields for adding a holiday range.

File:Scheduling/Project/image016.png – Scale allows you to choose how much of the Gantt chart displays and is related to the Scale Type setting.  This accuracy of this setting is affected by how much of the display you have dedicated to the Gantt chart.

File:Scheduling/Project/image017.png – Scale Type allows you to choose between Weeks, Months, Quarters, or Years.

File:Scheduling/Project/image018.png – Jump To displays a calendar that allows you to navigate the Gantt chart.

To begin scheduling a project you must first select a project from the list on the left hand side of the interface.  You will be warned if the project you select has not been checked in.  To check in the project you can use the links in the upper right hand corner of the interface





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