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Creating Packages

Creating a Package within the MMPD

lightbulb_50Example: You want to create a 4-Port Media Plate Package that contains the back box, a faceplate, four inserts, and four wires.  You are trying to hit a specific price of $100 for the Package including labor (minus taxes).

1)    Open MMPD and click the Product Explorer tab.  Click the Add Product or a Package dropdown arrow next to the button and select Package:


An Add Package tab has been added to the interface


2)    Type in a Package name and a Description (optional):

3)    Under Accessory Options check both the “Summarize in Client reports” and “Ignore Labor Calculations on Equipment and Wire Products” boxes.  “Summarize in Client reports” is selected so that plate detail will not show on the reports. There is no need for clients to see that much detail on a plate Package.  “Ignore Labor Calculations on Equipment and Wire Products” is selected to allow a flat labor rate to be assigned to each plate by using a Product of Category “Labor”.  Otherwise the labor would be calculated based on the hours associated with each piece of equipment and units (ft) of wire.


4)    Click [Add].  The Add Product form will open.  Select a Product and then click [OK]


The Product is added to the “Package Contents” section:


5)    Continue adding Products the back box, inserts, etc...  Another way to add Products is to drag and drop them from the Product Tree.  In this step the F connector inserts for the plate are added to the Package:


6)    Adjust the quantity to two for the F connector insert by clicking in the field and typing:


7)    Add the wire.  The only difference when adding wire is that you will be prompted with the Head End form if it is a “Rough-In wire.


8)    Pick a “general” Head End and Wire length.  These can be changed when adding the Package to a Project.


9)    After adding your wires, add a labor product to the Package.  The labor product in this example has a fixed price of $50 (as shown below).  


Once all of the Products and the optional jpg Image have been added to the Package, it will look similar to the following:


The Base Price does not include Labor, Tax, Misc Parts% or Equipment +/- adjustments.  Labor and taxes only calculate when the Package is added to a Project.  This is true even for Products of Category “Labor” that are in the Package.  

Looking back on the criteria for this Package, we need to adjust the Base Price to $50 so that the total price of the Package including Labor (but excluding sales tax) equals $100.  To make this adjustment, type “50.00” in the “Package Price” field.  The Discount percentage will automatically calculate for you:


10)Click [Save] when finished.


Creating a Package within a Project

There are a couple of ways to create a Package from within a Project.  The first way is within the Project DataMatrix (PDM).

Select the Products in the PDM that you want in the Package (hold down Ctrl to select multiple Products).  Move your cursor over one of the selected Products then right-click->Add->Create New Package.



The D-Tools Packages form opens.  Fill in a Package Name and a Description if desired and click [OK] when done.



You will be prompted to update the MasterTable.



The second way to create a Package within a Project is by selecting Products on a drawing page in Visio or a sheet in AutoCAD.

To select multiple shapes use the Ctrl key or you can left mouse click and marquee select the items.  In the shot below, I have selected all items in a surround system, then right-click->D-tools->Create New Package:



The D-Tools Package form opens as shown in the previous example.


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