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Add to Project

Adding a Package to a Project

Within a Project there are three ways to add a Package.

1)    Drag and Drop – Packages are listed at the bottom of the Product explorer section of each the interface.  You can left mouse click and then drag and drop the Package over to the Project DataMatrix.


2)    The second way to add a Package to a Project is to click the dropdown arrow next to the PDM Add Product-Package button and select Add Package.  The Package Properties form will open and you may make your selections.


3)    A third way to add a Package is to right-click any Product in the PDM and select Add->Package.  The Package Properties form will open and you can make your selections.


Assigning Locations to Packages

There is a Location section on the Packages Properties form that allows you to select a Location and Zone for the Package.  If not all items in a Package are being installed in the same location, for example a security Package where the sensors will be in different locations, there is the “Equipment in Package can be in different Location/Zone” option.



When this box is checked, you would not assign the Locations on the Package Properties form, you would assign the Locations to the Products in the PDM.



Editing Package within the MMPD Interface

Edit Packages through MMPD by selecting the Product Explorer tab.  Double-click the Package from the Product Tree and then make changes:




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