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Package Properties

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Additional Package Properties

By default, all items in a Package drop on a Visio page when a Package is dragged from the PDM to a drawing page.  If you scroll all the way to the right in the “Package Contents” section of the Package Properties form, you will see columns and checkboxes for each of the four drawing page types in Visio: Line, Elevation, Plan, and Schematic.  These checkboxes allow you to override the default action and not have a shape drop for a Product on a particular drawing page type in Visio.  This may save you the step of having to remove unwanted detail from the drawings when the package is placed.


note_50If you create a package that is used a lot, it may be worth the effort to use the above technique to manage what is shown on the drawings when a complete Package is placed on a particular view.  However a similar result is achieved by dragging individual Products from the Package to the particular drawing page using the PDM. 



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