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Download Tree

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Download Tree

Clicking this option will open the following screen:

Download tree.jpg


Show me: This dropdown allows you to select: All D-Tools Manufacturers or New and Updated Content for My ManufacturersAll D-Tools Manufacturers displays everything that is available for download and New and Updated Content for My Manufacturers filters the list to only the manufacturers that are currently in your database.  This section of the screen displays all of the data that D-Tools has available for download.   You can expand a manufacturer name to view a list of categories followed by a list of model numbers.  Some manufacturers may have a Visio Stencil or an AutoCAD drawing available for download:


The data you see here is also determined by your Options settings:


The Options form allows you to choose to see All Manufacturers or you can choose to display only MVP Manufacturers or only Data Subscription Manufacturers.  By default, we do not display products that have been marked as "Discontinued" in our database but you can choose to show them via the "Include discontinued" option on this form.


You can preview the data for any Product prior to downloading.  Right-click the Product and choose “Preview”: 


A web browser will open and display a preview of the data.


Download Options: this section of the screen allows you to select what data fields you wish to download/update.  On your initial download, leave all checked but when updating existing data, uncheck any data fields you do not want updated.  Use caution if you are updating data because you are at risk of overwriting changes you may have made to your data post download. 



Mark the products I download as unapproved:  This will flag the Products you are downloading so that they will not be synchronized through LANSync.  This allows you to approve the data before releasing to all users.

Download Mode: This allows you to download data directly into your local database when set to "Direct" (default) or you have the option to choose "EZ Match" for you mode and that will open up the EZ Match wizard to compare the products you are downloading with the existing products in your database to look for exact and close matches so you can pick and choose what records/fields will be updated.  See EZ Match for details on this tool.



To quickly review and approve Products:

1)    View Products in the Product Grid screen.

2)    Check the box “Display only unapproved products”

3)    If you do not see the Status column, click PDM Add or Remove Columns and Groups to add it to the view

4)    Select the Products you wish to approve

5)    Select the dropdown and click “Approved” as shown below


Example:  You want to download all the products that you sell for a particular manufacturer.

Open MMPD, select Download and filter with the Show me products for: dropdown if desired.  In this example I chose Request Multimedia->Distributed Audio->Server.  I then checked the three Models that I sell (they display in the “Products you have selected for download” section).  Notice that there is a Visio Stencil available for download.  Since this is the initial download for this manufacturer, all fields should remain checked in the “Download options” section.


Click [Download].  When finished, you will get a Download Complete message.




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