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Product Search

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Product Download Search

Instead of using the Download Tree, you may opt to use the Product Download Search.


Clicking this option will display the following interface:


There are four things you can search for: Products, Packages, Stencils and Blocks, and User Contributed Data.  There are buttons along the top of the form and these options are also available from the View menu:


This interface defaults to the [Products] download screen.  This interface allows you to search for products in the D-Tools database that are available for download. 


MSRP: When expanded, you can set minimum and maximum pricing criteria for your search.


Preferences: Allows you to choose what fields are searched, what type of data (MVP or Data Subscription), and whether or not to include discontinued products in your search.


Download Options: Allows you to choose what fields will be downloaded.  You will most likely leave all of these checked on your initial download.  You also have the option of marking the products you download as unapproved.  Unapproved products do not synchronize with LANSync.


Products that are found that match your search criteria are displayed in the grid.  You can choose what fields display by clicking the Field Chooser button and the columns can be sorted or filtered


You can change the position of the columns by dragging and dropping or by using the arrow in the column heading to swap column positions:


There are checkboxes next to each product as well as [Select All]/[Clear All] buttons along the bottom of the screen:


You can also select or deselect a product for download by right-clicking.  This menu offers a few additional functions as well:


Manufacturer Product Preview: launches a web browser directed to the manufacturer’s website for this product

D-Tools Product Preview: launches a web browser directed to a D-Tools server that shows the data that we have for the product

View Extended Data:  launches a web browser directed to a D-Tools server that shows what additional data we have for the product such as brochures, manuals, and images.  This option is for Data Subscription users only

View Accessories: displays additional products if the product is pre-accessorized

Download Mode

You have two options for downloading: Direct or EZ Match


“Direct” will download the products to your local SI 5 database.  “EZ Match” will pull the data down into the EZ Match interface.  Use this option if you are updating existing data in your database or if you want to merge data from the D-Tools download to data that you may have entered into SI 5 manually.  See Importing via EZ Match for functionality.


[Packages] allows you to download manufacturer specified packages (only some manufacturers provide us with package data).  [Stencils and Blocks] allows you to search for and download any available manufacturer specific Visio stencils and AutoCAD blocks.  The functions available on these screens are similar to those on the Products screen.  [User Contributed Data] is another way to get to DataXChange.



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