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Unapproved Products

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Marking Products as Unapproved

When you initially download product data from D-Tools, you may wish to choose to mark the products as “Unapproved”.   When a product’s Status is designated as “Unapproved”, that product does not synchronize to your Server database.  This allows you to verify and modify the data on your machine prior to releasing this data to other SI5.5 users within your organization.

To designate products as “Unapproved” when downloading data, you simply need to check the box “Mark the products I download as unapproved” checkbox if in the Download Tree interface or by clicking the Download Options link and checking the box if within our Product Download Search interface.


Once you have verified your data and wish to synchronize so that all users have access to the data, you simply need to change that Status of the Product to “Approved”.  Of course you can do this on per product basis by opening up the Properties form for the product and using the dropdown to change the Status:


If you would like to mark products as “Approved” in bulk, then you will want to use the Product Grid interface.

1.       Click the “Display only unapproved products” checkbox:


2.       Click the “Columns, Grouping” button and choose to display the “Status” column:


3.       Select all of the products you wish to mark as “Approved” (use Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard to select multiple products) and select “Approved” from the Status column for one of the products.  All selected products will then take this value:


4.       Synchronize your data then have all other users synchronize.



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