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Download from DataXChange

Another option for downloading products is to click the “Go to D-Tools DataXChange” link.  DataXChange is a database hosted by D-Tools, Inc. that allows all users of it to share data.  Data from your machine that does not already exist in the DataXChange will be transferred to the database so that other users can download that data.  In exchange, you have unlimited access to download any product data from the DataXChange database that you choose.  This service is free.

Data in the DataXChange database is not verified or modified by D-Tools, Inc.  As always, verify the validity of any data that you download.


Once you accept the rules, you can choose a Manufacturer, Category, and Model of the product you wish to download.


Once you’ve selected the product, click [Retrieve].  The Product Properties form will open so that you may edit the product if desired.



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