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The [Categories] tab allows you add, edit, or delete Categories from your database.  There are [Add] and [Delete] buttons.  If you want to edit a field, click once in the field and the press [F2] on your keyboard or double-click in the field.


lightbulb_50We don’t recommend that you modify the existing Categories in SI 5. You will lose links to Visio Stencils and AutoCAD Drawings if you change the name of an existing “stock” Category.  If you create your own Categories, you may wish to create Visio Stencils and/or AutoCAD Drawings for the Categories.  See the Visio/AutoCAD sections for details.

There are three fields for a Category: Category Name, ID, and Type.  The Category Name is self-explanatory.  The "ID" is a unique combination of letters to identify the Category and can be up to three characters in length. The "ID" is used on our Plan Icon shapes/blocks.  It is also what the field that is pulled if you choose to use "Category" in your ComponentID format.  The "Type" field can be either: Equipment, Labor, Speaker, or Wire.  The differences between "Equipment" and "Speaker" and "Wire" Types is on the Specifications tab for products.  "Speaker" Type does not have a "Rack Mount" option and instead has a "Dispersion" field.  "Wire" Types do not have H x W x D fields, but rather "Diameter" and "Wire Length" fields.  "Labor" Type if for service vs. equipment and is described in more detail here.


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